Who is the hero to help you learn how to fuel your brain? Veggie!. Vegetables are for being smart, active, and healthy.

The Grains

Dairy is always ready to cheer you on to success in whatever you love! Dairy products provide vitamins and protein to boost your body and mind.

Who is the fastest hero around? Fruit! With super speed and a spunky attitude, Fruit is ready to help you outrun unhealthy foods and be the best you can be! 



The Fit Command team would not be complete without their three faithful sidekicks! These little heroes may be small, but by working together, they can do anything!



Coming soon to a school near you!

Strong,  fearless, and always ready to help his friends, Protein is the heroic leader of the Fit Command team. No villain is tougher than him!


 Inform your kids with the true and fun nature of the main Food Groups!